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Ups, I sold an app to 1 billion people!

SharePoint Apps

Ups, I sold an app to 1 billion people!!!

Wow! Really?

No, I didn't :-)

I do have a SharePoint app (25 apps to be exact) at the Store for Office and SharePoint Apps.

No, I don't have 1 billion customers :-)

I enjoy building apps. First I get an idea, then I code the app, style the app, test the app. At the end I do a support document, text, images, and video to present the app for potential customers. Then comes advertising, contact to customers, updates...

And I try to keep my feet on the ground, and that's the reason for a smiley after "No, I didn't" and "No, I don't"

Building apps for Office Store differs from building custom solutions directly to customers. Most of the times, you have to come with idea for an app your self. Most of the time, you don't even know who bought your app.

Blah, bla, bla, no I didn't sell 1 billion apps :-)

I talked about apps with many developers and they were all listening me talking about hosting, app ideas, JavaScript, yada yada yada. When I mention app price, the same second I start talking about how 1000 users are not that many of potential 1 billion users, all developers get interested. It is perfectly understandable.

No, not a billion.

Thinking and dreaming about 1000 users, about money can be a nice way to spend an afternoon. We all like nice things. Spending money is easy.

Do I spend time dreaming about money. No. I don't do it though. I try to think about selling my app to 1 billion people. Yes, 1 billion people.

1 billion is an absurdly large number. Chances that I will sell my app to 1 billion people are 1:100000000 or something. Not going to happen. That silly number, 1 billion, is a good number. It removes my perfectly understandable greed for money, and lets me think more clearly.

What will happen if I sell an app to 1 billion people?

Would it be enough to set the price for my app to 1$ ? 1 billion dollars is a lot of money. I could by a lot of shoes for that.

Would it be the same app, supporting all languages, working smoothly on all platforms, also versions of Windows and browsers that are still yet to come?

How many people out of 1 billion will call me for support?

If I use 3rd party services, access to data or hosting services, how much is all that going to cost me?

People will also expect more from me. More fantastic 1$ apps. I'm good at saying "no", but 1 billion people calling me terrible things can be a burden.

Some people will suddenly start to think that I have a lot of money and they could join people that think I'm a terrible, and I'll have to buy house with high fence and security system.

No. 1$ is not high enough.

This is only SharePoint. We are not in business of saving lives. Cool and other options in Pay Now are here if you think this blog post helped you.

50% of profit goes to charity.

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Quick poll and pie chart statistics

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