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Is Outsourcing Executives the New Trend?

SharePoint Apps

Is Outsourcing Executives the New Trend?

The emerging digital workforce has paved a new path for workflow processes in many worldwide companies and industries. 


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SharePoint Store - Buying an Add-in, the Customer View

Lite SharePoint add-ins Free to download

Customer at the Microsoft SharePoint Office Store


How hard is to add an app

The practical realization of the dream of making a free app and then eventually earning money

Microsoft made some improvements to the store recently. All improvements are welcome. Microsoft has its own add-ins and is focused on strengthening the platform, Office and SharePoint.
I do not work for Microsoft. No thank you.

I'm, just to make it clear, just as any other developer or a company trying to make money from SharePoint add-ins. My own Store is also open for business.

In the following I'll describe how it is to be a customer at the Microsoft's SharePoint store, the process of finding an app, buying the app... Oh, it is called add-in now...

1. Searching for a SharePoint add-in from SharePoint

I clicked on "Add an app" and searched for "page layouts" from SharePoint

I got 32 results. Nice.

I clicked on the link to open the SharePoint St…

SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

I was in Paris two years ago. I had a session about Branding Office 365. Everything went fine, except the one thing missing - branding. I spent all my time telling people not to brand what today is called classic sites - the old fashioned SharePoint pages and sites that we know from SharePoint on-premises.

I was telling people not to invest heavily in branding. Branding that is often thought of as a long term, one time investment on SharePoint on-premises is no longer so on Office 365.

Constant Microsoft updates are "breaking" your branding and modern pages and sites such as Delve, MySite are built in a different way than the classic sites.

I felt that it was important to tell people about it. But it was a sad session. I'm very positive, glad, smiling, always thinking about new opportunities. Not a Microsoft gray material. People that came to my session were expecting to learn how to brand Office 365. We all ended up being sad. The world …

Career in IT. Sex drugs and rock and roll

Lite SharePoint add-ins Free to download

Career in IT? Sex drugs and rock and roll. Just like Logan's runLogan's Run is a 1976 American science fiction film about utopian future society.

Sexual freedom, advanced plastic surgery, the society seems to thrive in some kind of a shopping mall. Everyone has a "life-clock" crystal that tells their age. Everyone at the age of 30 must die by taking part in an event called the Carrousel. Those who try to escape are terminated by "Sandmen".

Some people would argue that career in IT resembles the utopian society from Logan's Run. We've all heard about IT companies and their thirst for young talented people. They also want more women in IT. They don't seem to want experience, proven track record and knowledge of the latest tools and trendy frameworks.

Pictures below are borrowed from a Linkedin post about women in IT.

IT conference. No, it looks nothing like Logan's run.

There are no "Sandmen" to hu…